Club Service resizedCLUB SERVICE DIRECTOR: Edy Larson

Focus on strengthening fellowship and ensuring the effective functioning of the club through strong relationships and an active membership development plan.


Club Administration

PURPOSE: Coordinates the logistics of club and special (ie Club Retreat, monthly Club Board Meetings) meetings regarding facility setup, food service, and AV equipment support for program speakers.  Includes coordinating with Public Image  and Program Chair for website listings of speakers; managing the centralized calendar; notification to members regarding any location changes; updating the job descriptions for the Duty Roster and club committees; working with college staff to secure rooms, AV equipment and meals as appropriate.

CONTACT: Edy Larson
(425) 697-8198

TIME COMMITMENT:  Can be weekly (Asst. Sgt at Arms, Duty Roster, meals, Raffle, rooms, Speakers) or as needed (Care Committee)


Club Duty

PURPOSE: Assigns weekly duty for club members.  There are 7 duties assigned each week:   2 Greeters, Invocation, Introductions, Happy Bucks, Attendance and Asst Stg of Arms.  Send out a monthly notification for the following month assignments with weekly follow ups to members reminding them of their duty.

CONTACT: Nadine McCray

TIME COMMITMENT:  1 hour each month plus 1 hour weekly to send out reminder emails.



PURPOSE: Activities include, but are not limited to recruiting and retaining new, quality members for the club; nurturing fellow Rotarians is key to this and includes Fellowship events; and the coordination of Orientation and Classification Talks as well as red to blue badge motivation.

CONTACT: Marilla Sargent
(425) 678-7610


TIME COMMITMENT: Varies depending on activity and level of involvement—Looking for “people-persons” and those who are detail-oriented and those who would like to provide mentorship and motivation to new members.  Accepting new ideas and new members!


Public Image

PURPOSE: To maintain the club’s website; produce a club bulletin and press releases as well as the club’s record archives.

CONTACT: Casey Auve
(206) 389-7195

TIME COMMITMENT: Varies depending upon task but could be weekly, on-going.