Club Meeting Gateway Hall 352

Date: February 28, 2019
Time: 12:00 pm  to  1:30 pm

Edmonds Community College

Gateway Hall 352

6600 196th Street SW

Lynnwood, WA 98036


Scriber Lake High School teacher Marjie Bowker, and students from Scriber’s writing program will share intensely personal stories from the seventh book released by Scriber High School Students, “Listen“.  Past presentations by prior authors highlight the value of learning from experiences, planing our future, and targeting our goals. These writers demonstrate that focused, courageous action will overcome fear.

The book’s official release was January 29th in Edmonds, at Cafe Louvre.

Here is an article from the Herald that you should check out!

Student authors write their truth, their pain, their healing

More information about Marjie and the program at Scriber Lake High School:

About seven and a half years ago, Marjie Bowker,  a Scriber English teacher, began searching for ways to make her class more relevant to her students.  This search led her to read Ingrid Ricks’ best-selling book Hippie Boy. Margie contacted Ingrid about helping her students write their stories, slices of their lives, in the style Ingrid used to write Hippie Boy.  Ingrid jumped at the opportunity. 

Kathy Clift, Scriber’s principle then and an individual committed to her students and their success, became an enthusiastic supporter.  

In the time since, these three committed to engaging Scriber students through story telling. The material results are seven published anthologies of student stories and three teaching guides to assist other teachers who want to introduce the program in their classes.  The intangible results are participants recommitted to high school graduation with specific college and career goals. 

And the narrative storytelling concept is growing.  Several other schools have begun the program using material developed by Margie and Ingrid.  

Their efforts have been recognized by Paul Harris Fellowships while Marjie has been awarded a KCTS Golden Apple.