In December 2013 a group of Rotarians and others traveled to Haiti to implement the following improvements:

  • Water Purification Project – Construction of a water purification system and attachment to an existing well that will provide pure clean water to the school, the co-located medical clinic, and to the inhabitants of the surrounding villages.
  • Children’s Bathroom Re-Build Project -The bathrooms at the school consist of four cinderblock constructed out-houses. The toilets are in poor condition. There are two for boys and two for girls use. There is no drain field, septic or sewer system. The toilets empty directly into a pit beneath the concrete slab. The liquid and solid wastes from the toilets drain into the ground. The water table in this area is high thus; it has contaminated the well water nearby. Adjacent to the toilets is an open urinal. There is no protection from mosquito and flies thus, contamination is easily spread. To remove the source of contamination from the well, this project calls for the relocation of the bathrooms to a new location on the school grounds away from the kitchen and well with the removal and closing of the existing bathrooms.
  • Kitchen Re-Build Project – Presently, food is prepared for the children at the school and for children living next to the school in the school kitchen. The meal consists of a cup of rice and beans (approximately 250 calories) which is the only meal the children receive each day. These meals are prepared by preparing and cooking the meal on open fires on the floor in the kitchen building. Carbon monoxide is a major concern in addition to the sanitary conditions of the food preparation.
  • Medications for The Clinic of Hope – There is a chronic shortage of health care personnel and medications. Hospitals lack resources, a situation that became readily apparent after the January 2010 earthquake.