Past Presidents

The Rotary Club of Lynnwood Presidents 1955- 2010

Vocational Service

The club has engaged in Career Fairs to help Middle School students select a career, as well as a five day business training program to familiarize high school students with all aspects of business. Vocational Scholarships are awarded to students who have shown meritorious service in vocational studies.

World Community Service

World Community Service (WCS) projects have served a wide range of activities within the broad area of Rotary International services. Rotarians develop and conduct projects designed to improve the lives of people in need and to meet a broad spectrum of human needs. Lynnwood Rotary has been highly active in supporting collaborative International projects – providing clean water wells in Honduras and Ethiopia; Literacy programs for illiterate people in Brazil and South Africa; Hearing Conservation for children and adults in Kenya; ESL and sanitary toilet and bathing facilities in Thailand; a Fish Farm to support an orphanage in India; a Braille typewriter for a school for the blind in Zimbabwe; and hosting Russian educators.

The Presidents

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

John Quincy Adams

The following pages record each Presidential year since Lynnwood Rotary Club’s inception:


Charter Year

“Our Aims”

President : William Wright

Vice President : Lewis Krebs

Secretary: Don McAllister

Treasurer : Roger Anderson

Directors: Robert Layton, Seth Dobbs, Charles Reuter

  • 26 Members
  • Meeting places included Moose Lodge at 185th and Hwy 99, Eagles Hall and the Lynnwood Bowling Alley restaurant


President : Lewis Krebs

Vice President: Jack Bennett

Secretary: Clyde McMurry


Program Chair : Jack Bennett

  • Meeting place was The Maples (at the bowling alley)
  • Projects included sending two students to participate in the National Debate and assisted in starting the South County YMCA
  • Fund Raiser : Sold Oranges


President : Don Bakken

Vice President : Jack Bennett

Secretary : Clyde McMurry


Board Members: Ed McCullum and Earl Martin

  • Meeting place continued to be The Maples (at the bowling alley)
  • District Governor Art Sinysson visited the club and Don Bakken put him up at the Golden West Hotel which was raided shape afterward as a house of ill repute!
  • Projects included getting the high school football field ins and helped to purchase the property for the SNO-Line YM
  • Fund Raiser : Sold Oranges and a Bingo Party ($300)


“ Help Shape the Future”

President : Mal Wilson

Vice President : Jack Bennett

Secretary :

Treasurer :

  • Meeting place continued to be The Maples (at the bowling alley)
  • Project consisted of hosting a Career Day at Edmonds High with Edmonds Rotary
  • Activities included Ladies Night at the Sea Horse and a Tour of Boeing with dinner with the ladies
  • Fund Raiser : Bingo at Cedar Valley Grange


President : Gail Leslie

Vice President : Jack Bennett

Secretary : Clyde McMurry

Treasurer : Ken Killien

Club Service : Mal Wilson

Vocational Service : Earl Martin

Community Service : Dave Thomson

International Service : Ed McCollum

Programs : Phil Coble, Jim Haines, Garth Marsten

32 Members

  • Meeting place continued to be The Maples (at the bowling alley)
  • Projects included raising money for the YMCA
  • Activities included Ladies Night every 5th Wednesday and a Tour of Everett Daily Herald Building
  • Fund Raiser included a Country Store type sale in an army tent on the parking lot of the Lynnwood Shopping Center which began the year with $110.03 and ended with $290.00


President : Phil Coble

Vice President : Garth Marston

Secretary : Clyde McMurry

Treasurer : Ken Killien

Club Service : Gail Leslie

Vocational Service : Dave Thomson

Community Service : Ed McCollum

International Service : Jim Haines

  • Meeting place continued to be The Maples (at the bowling alley)
  • Projects included establishing a student loan and published a weekly bulletin


President : Harold “Spike” Silvernail

Vice President : Ken Killien

Secretary : Clyde McMurry

Treasurer : Herman Michelson

Directors: Jim Haines, Gordon Bennion, Phil Coble, Ed McCollum

  • Meeting place continued to be The Maples (at the bowling alley)
  • Lunch was held at the Worlds Fair in Seattle and InternationalPresident, Joseph A. Abbey was present


“Kindle the Spark Within”

President : Jim Haines

Vice President: Gordon Bennion

Secretary : Clyde McMurry

Treasurer : James Howels

Directors: John Doyle, Allen May, Harold Silvernail, Ed McCollum

  • Meeting place continued to be The Maples (at the bowling alley)
  • Activities included Ladies Night on the “Dominion Monarch”, the ship that served as housing during the Worlds Fair; Toured Weyerhauser Mill “B”, had first Fireside, D.G. Gordon Bennion, Earl Martin, Don Bakken and Clyde McMurry flew in the District 504 chartered plane to the district conference in Anchorage, AK
  • Projects included contributing $1,000 to the Sno-Line YMCA Swim Pool Fund and sponsored high school exchange students who spoke at lunch
  • Fund Raiser : was a show with the Globe Trotters for 2,000 spectators which raised $1069.49


President : Gordon Bennion

Vice President : John Doyle

Secretary Clyde: McMurry

Treasurer James: Howels

  • Meeting place changes to The Barb Restaurant
  • Activities included exchange students, exchange teachers, city
    and county officials, scientific speakers and travel talks from
  • The District Governor met with the club members on Club
    Assembly night and the ladies met with Mrs. Richards at a
    different site
  • Projects included $100 to support a daily newspaper in Karala Province, India. Dr. George Thomas, Indian Editor and Lecturer claimed that the newspaper had a direct influence in overturning the Communists. Also $104 was paid for the backstop on the baseball field in Lynnwood City Park; $25 for a dental bill for a deserving boy; $31 .20 for a sign board in the City’s Deathless Days Program; $100 to Anchorage Rotary Club for helping the Alaskan disaster; $500 to the Works Opportunities Project for the disabled; established a yearly scholarship fund for graduates of Meadowdale High School of $600
  • Fund Raiser : Globe Trotters put on a show at Edmonds High School that raised $700.00.


Concluded the first decade of the club

President : John Doyle

Vice President : Doug Jones

Secretary: Clyde McMurry


  • Meeting place continues to be The Barb Restaurant
  • Activities included the installation of Officers in June of 1964 being held formally at the Everett Golf and Country Club. Past presidents who no longer were rpembers were invited. Dr. William Wright, the first president and his wife attended.
  • Projects included the continuation of the yearly scholarship fund for graduates of Meadowdale High School of$600 and provided a perpetual trophy that each recipient kept for a year.


Starting the second decade

President : Doug Jones

Vice President : Dick Roos

Secretary : Clyde McMurry

Treasurer :

  • Meeting place continues to be The Barb Restaurant
  • Activities included being the first club in the district to sponsor an exchange student, Miss Estella Bence from Argentina.
  • President Doug Jones was very influential in the decision to sponsor the Air Fair at Paine Field. His father belonged to the Rotary Club in B.C. sponsored by Abbotsford Flying Club.


President : Dick Roos

Vice President : Mal Karfstedt

Secretary: Clyde McMurry


Editor of the Wheeler : Willis Tucker

(Willis went from editor to County Executive)

  • Meeting place continues to be The Barb Restaurant
  • Activities included sponsoring exchange students Elsa Dobarro from Argentina and Carol Bennett from Australia.
  • The club arranged a trip to Boeing Field in Renton and viewed the actual work on the 737s with eight visitors from Sweden.


President : Mal Karfstedt

Vice President : Elliott Boisen

Secretary : Clyde McMurry

Treasurer: Jim Howells

Program: Chair Doug Jones

  • Meeting place continues to be The Barb Restaurant
  • Hosted two exchange students from Mexico.
  • Governor Dan Evans visited the club. Alby Albright gave the prayer and levy Johnston introduced the guests. When Governor Evans began his speech, he turned to Mal and said, “President Mal, were you trying to give me a message First you have Alby say the prayer, then you have Levy introduce the guest, both Democrats.” This supposedly brought down the house.


President : Elliott Boisen

Vice President : Heine Sorensen

Secretary : Clyde McMurry


  • Meeting place continues to be The Barb Restaurant
  • The decision was made to sponsor the Air Fair at Paine Field. Many discussions took place highlighting the pros and cons, the risks and responsibilities, financial and personal participation and finally the show was produced in 90 days- a one day show. Due to not being able to borrow money to produce the show, most club members gave personal $300 or $500 notes and the club used them as collateral to secure a loan. After the vote to approve the project, 3 members got up and walked out never to return to the club.
  • President Boisen was a former flier and became an Officer in the U.S. Air Force.
  • Fund Raiser : Air Show


President : Heine Sorensen

Vice President : Lloyd Nelson

Secretary : Clyde McMurry


  • Meeting place continues to be The Barb Restaurant
  • President Sorensen provided wonderful leadership for the Foreign Exchange Student Program.
  • Fund Raiser : Air Show


President : Lloyd Nelson

Vice President : Dave Thomson

Secretary: Clyde McMurry and Earl Haakenson

Treasurer: Jim Stamey

Program Chair : Bob Gilbert

Editor of the Wheeler : Leroy Jeffery

  • Meeting place The Meat Market Restaurant (formally the Barb) was very crowed. A new location was established by the end of the year at the Lynnwood Elks.
  • Activities included hosting exchange students Marta Garcia from Central America and Lee Mossman from Australia. Lee represented the club as Miss International Air Fair.
  • Governor Dan Evans proclaimed the first “Official Air Show for the State of Washington.” The Governor opened the show by arriving by air. The show featured the U.S. Navy Leap Frogs, Clayton Scott, Vito Casper, Bob Hoover and the Thunderbirds.
  • Programs included topics from garbage to oil pollution, bowling to, pornography. (Clair Grube offered the Easter message of hope for the saints and sinners of the club before the latter program.)
  • Fund Raiser : Air Show


“Goodwill Begins with You”

President : Dave Thomson

Vice President: Cece Ferrill

Secretary: Earl Haakenson


Program Chair: Bob Gilbert

  • Meeting place Lynnwood Elks.
  • Activities included fourth year of the Air Fair
  • Fund Raiser: Air Show, cleared $17,000


“Let’s Take a New Look”

President : Cece Ferrill

Vice President : Jon Smiley

Secretary: Earl Haakenson


  • Meeting place Lynnwood Elks.
  • Activities included a fireside hosted by DG John King and a summer picnic at Mozell and Cece’s summer home on Lake Stevens
  • Fund Raiser : Air Show


President : Jon Smiley

Vice President: Jim Warren

Secretary :


Board of Directors : Dick Christianson, Earl Haakenson, Murray Martin, John Claringboldt, Herm Michelson, Shel Stucliffe

  • The club uses an alternative meeting place after the Lynnwood Elks club burnt down.
  • Activities granted a loan to Lynnwood JC’s $500 to use in the presentation for Lyn n-0-Rama
  • Air Fair was the main activity and Elliott Boisen and Rick Millson were hired to manage the event. The club was challenged in filing the proper forms with the State Division of Professional Licensing for charitable fund raising events.
  • The club donated much in the way of funds to many local charities and educational institutions in order to provide a better community in which to live.
  • Fund Raiser : Air Show


President : Jim Warren

President Elect : Earl Haakensen

Vice President: Dale Hoggins

Secretaries: Marv Listoe and Ben Boyerchuk

Treasurer : Jay Hammond

Governing Board: Shel Sutcliffe, Bob Mezzo, Marty Martin and John Claringbould.

Elliott Boisen served as chairman of the plan to raise funding for the yearly International Air Fair at nearby Paine Field.

  • Meeting places varied
  • Club was involved with the Edmonds Historical Museum, donated a bus to the Senior Center, purchased a bus for the YMCA and proudly sponsored the Rotary Anns group which were wives of members.
  • James was president of Edmonds Community College while serving as club president and belonged to several World War II organizations including the former Prisoners-of-War. He was captured in Germany and incarcerated for months before being freed when the war ended.
  • Fund Raiser : Air Show


“To Dignify the Human Being”

President : Earl Haakensen

President Elect: Dale Hoggins

Vice President: Herman Michelson

Secretary : Don Hedges

Treasurer : Jack Poffenroth

  • Meeting places varied
  • Dave Thomson proposed the financing of the School District 15 house project. The club used money to buy the lot and the building materials and the students built the house, then the club got the profit from selling the house at market value. Merle Blevins was also instrumental as the housing instructor
  • Fund Raiser : Air Show and Edmonds District House Program


President : Dale Hoggins

President Elect: Herman Michelson

Vice President : Don Hedges

Secretary : Ben Boyarchuk


  • Fund Raiser : Air Show and Edmonds District House Program


President : Herman Michelson

President Elect : Don Hedges

Vice President :

Secretary : Gordon Walters

Treasurer : Jack Poffenroth

  • Activities included hosting an Exchange Student Jukka Hakinen from Finland
  • Maintained membership at 80
  • Program with Katherine Graham who was the president of the Washington Post, the paper which created the Watergate investigation
  • Fund Raiser : Air Show and Edmonds District House Program
  • Tough year financially


President: Don Hedges

President Elect: Ben Boyarchuk

Vice President: Bernie Sigler

Secretary : Gordon Walters


  • Rotary House- 4th year
  • Exchange Student Gerhardt Von Eichen,Germany
  • AI Swife of the Second Congressional District was a speaker
  • Club attended the King Tut Tomb display
  • Wood-Wind quintet concert from the local high schools
  • Fund raiser : Air Show and Edmonds District House Program
  • Note – Dave Thomson was Air Fair Chairman and celebrated a profit of over $28,000. Richard Bellin was Rotary House Chairman and celebrated a profit of over $28,000. This was the greatest financial year in the club history.


“Let Service Light the Way”

President : Ben Boyarchuk

President Elect: Bernie Sigler

Vice President : Bob Woodroff

Secretary : Lyn Yakel

Treasurer : Jack Poffenroth

  • On November 14, 1979, after the luncheon, a bus load of members traveled over to the Rotary House under construction.
  • On March 26, 1980, Don Bakken had the duty of inducting six men into the club membership
  • Membership roster of 87
  • Fund raiser : Air Show and Edmonds District House Program
  • Note – The 1979 Air Fair (11th year) was very successful and produced in excel of $19,000 for the “Grants and Scholarship Committee” known as the “Giveaway Committee.” $10,000 in additional profits went to a reserve fund to be used for the next Air Fair. The House Project, in its fifth year, became totally self- sufficient. This year’s house was appraised at $115,000-$120,000.


President : Bernie Sigler

President Elect : Lyn Yackel

Vice President : Bob Woodroff

Secretary : Chris Sheehan

Treasurer : Jack Poffenroth

Sergeant-at-arms: Bob Schillberg

  • Meeting starts with the Elks Club and then moved to the Landmark Convention Center (Lunch price increased!)
  • Heine Sorenson involved in “the district” where he represented the Student Exchange program
  • Only one committee called “The Five Away Committee” that distributed air fair profits
  • Ray Gould was Chairman of the Grants and Scholarship Committee and produced the policy on how the club would select organizations to receive club grants
  • Ben Cain served as Attendance Chairman
  • Bill Pheiffer was appointed to serve as the RI Foundation promoter. He got 20 members to donate $500 and the club matched the donation to RI Foundation
  • Set up the program for the club to pay all travel costs for its president elect and secretary to attend RI conventions.
  • Fund Raiser : Air Show and Edmonds District House Program


President : Lynn Yackel

President Elect :

Vice President :

Secretary :

Treasurer :

  • Fund Raiser : Air Show and Edmonds District House Program


President : Errol Van Eaton

President Elect :

Vice President :

Secretary :

Treasurer :

  • Chartered the boy scout troop #306
  • Fund Raiser : Air Show and Edmonds District House Program


President : Ray Gould

President Elect: Milt Scott

Vice President : Ben Cain

Secretary: Jonathan hatch

Treasurer: Paul Baker

Directors: Richard Bullock Lane Van Wyk, Gene Brown, Thomas Wynne

Air Fair Chair: John Yackel

  • Ray Gould conducted the first long range planning retreat Ray Gould conducted the first long range planning retreat
  • Fund Raiser : Air Show and Edmonds District House Program
  • Note- Air Fair at Paine Field made $108,000 in profit. We arranged to have the Everett Rotary do the parking at the Air Fair and paid them 10% of our net. Ray delivered a check to them for $10,800.


President : Milt Scott

President Elect : Ben Cain

Vice President :

Secretary : Jon Hatch

Treasurer :

Directors: Tom Saxon

  • Worked on who to give large gifts to, which were presented the following year. Ray Gould spear headed this effort.
  • Fund Raiser : Air Show and Edmonds District House Program
  • Note- Air Fair at Paine Field: The club acquired the U.S.A.F. Thunderbirds to perform and cleared $75,000


President : Ben Cain

President Elect: Gene Brown

Vice-President : Jonathan Hatch

Secretary : Kerry Obrecht

Treasurer : Joe Clark

Director Club Service : Alvin E. Ulbrickson

Director Community Service: Jon Berkedal

Director International Service: Col. William Pfeiffer

Director Vocational Service: Thomas J. Wynne

Chairman Air Fair: Lee (Buck) Alley

  • Gave $40,000 to Little Red School House for a hydrotherapy unit. We arranged an on-site visit to the facility when the children were there and the fantastic executive director they had gave us a “tour” as part of our visit. There was not a dry eye in the group when we left.
  • Gave $40,000 to Edmonds Community College for conversion of the former Coast Guard buildings as an office and drop in center for the international students at the college. They also added temporary living quarters on the second floor for visiting parents of the international students.
  • Fund Raiser : Air Show and Edmonds District House Program


President : Burns Tallman

President Elect :

Vice President :

Secretary :

Treasurer :

  • Fund Raiser : Air Show and Edmonds District House Program


President : Jon Hatch

President Elect : Bill Pfeiffer

Vice President: Tom Sehrer

Secretary : Jon Berkedal

Treasurer : John Friends

Community Service: Joe Levell

Club Service: Dave Greene

Vocational Service : Morrie Tugby

International Service : Chris Sheehan

  • Meeting place was the Landmark Hotel
  • The Club undertook its first ever International Service project; the drilling and construction of a community water well in Choluteca, Honduras. The project was funded by Club funds together with a matching grant from the Rotary Foundation. President-Elect Bill Pfeiffer led a small team of Lynnwood Rotarians to Honduras to coordinate the effort.
  • The Club committed a pledge of $100,000 to the newly established Rotary International Polio Plus campaign; a pledge which was fully met over a period of about three years.
  • The Club sponsored and then held the Charter Night ceremonies for the Alderwood Rotary Club (now Alderwood Terrace Rotary Club). It’s first President was Paul Baker, a former Lynnwood Rotary Club member.
  • President Hatch initiated the now well established tradition of individually introducing newly inducted members for a period of weeks after initial induction.
  • The Club received the Rotary International Presidential Citation for its activities and accomplishments.
  • The Club was near its largest membership size ever, somewhere in the 150 range.
  • Fund Raiser : Air Show and Edmonds District House Program
  • Note – The Air Fair made a net profit of approximately $70,000 in 1987.


President : Bill Phieffer

President Elect :

Vice President :

Secretary :

Treasurer :

  • Fund Raiser : Air Show and Edmonds District House Program


President : Tom Sehrer

President Elect : Chris Sheehan

Vice President : John Berkendal

Secretary :

Treasurer :

  • Meeting place Landmark Inn
  • Activities included the start of the Red Badge/Blue Badge process. Tom heard about this from a past District Governor when he attended the Rotary International Convention in Seoul, Korea.
  • Began the development of the Lynnwood Rotary Foundation.
  • 4th largest club this year with 160 members
  • The scholarships committee gave financial support to 15-20 different organizations and the major projects were the Edmonds Community College Rotary International House, Little Red School House and Edmonds Community College
  • Received a distinguished club citation and star emblem for our banner from Rotary International for being one of five clubs to achieve high participation in demonstrating the spirit of Rotary through fellowship and service activities.
  • Fund raiser : Air Show and Edmonds District House Program
  • Note -Air Fair. 1989 was in its 21st year and the main attraction was the Snow Birds


President : Chris Sheehan

President Elect :

Vice President :



  • Fund Raiser : Air Show and Edmonds District House Program
  • Note- the main attraction at the Air fair (22nd) was a salute to US and Soviet aviation. This was one of the most memorable shows ever with the attendance of the Soviets.


“Real Happiness is Helping Others”

President : John Berkendal

President Elect :

Vice President :

Secretary :

Treasurer :

  • Fund Raiser : Air Show and Edmonds District House Program


President : John Friends

President Elect : Bob Wilson

Vice President : Joe Levell

Secretary : Sue Anderson

Treasurer: Terry Fitzpatrick

  • Last year of the Air Fair
  • Fund Raiser : Last Air Show and Edmonds District House Program


President : Bob Wilson

President Elect: Joe Levell

Vice President :

Secretary : Sue Anderson


  • Meeting place was the Landmark Hotel
  • Incoming DG George Brent spoke at the presidential installation and the featured speaker was Phil Smart
  • Fund Raiser : Auction, Golf Tournament


President : Joe Levell

President Elect : Ivan Gorne

Vice President : Sue Anderson

Secretary : Bruce Thomson

Treasurer: Steve Bishop

  • Founded the Past Presidents Club
  • Planned the first Golf tournament


President : Ivan Gorne

President Elect : John Burbank

Vice President : Scott Strong

Secretary : Bruce Thomson

Treasurer: Steve Bishop

Directors: Bob Fuller, Barbara Earl, Jeff Taylor, Mike Herb, Bernice Russell

  • The paperwork on tax credits was signed for the Rotary Residential Center- thanks to Bernie Sigler and crew.
  • Put together and hired a television commercial with Ivan as the spokesman for the Residential Center
  • Fund Raiser : Auction and the Golf Tournament


“Build the Future with Action and Vision”

President : John Burbank

President Elect : Sue Anderson

Vice President : Bruce Thomson

Secretary : Steve Bishop

Treasurer: John Nelson

Club Service : Bob Fuller and Barbara Earl

Community Service: Tim Ryan

International Service: Mike Herb

Vocational Service : Steve Ryan

  • Activities included starting Student of the Month, Medal of Valor, Youth Challenge Awards
  • Vocational Service was converted to Career Day from one school to the entire school district by involving other Rotary Clubs
  • Developed the Pocket Resume
  • Completed Lynnwood Rotary Senior Center (Ribbon Cutting on May 6th)
  • Added a Social Director who organized Valentine Day dinner, Christmas Dinner/Dance, Firesides
  • Contributed to the beginning of the Fish Farm in India (Tom Wynne was instrumental)
  • Fund Raiser : Auction and the Golf Tournament



“Show Rotary Cares”

President : Sue Anderson

President Elect: Tom Saxon

Vice President: Bruce Thomson

Secretary: Steve Bishop

Treasurer: John Nelson

Club Service: Jamie Hunter and Launi Buck

Community Service: Tim Ryan

Vocational Service: Steve Ryan

International Service:

Speakers: John Anderson

  • Meeting Place began at Landmark Inn; moved to the Elks Club
  • Honor of being the first female president of the Lynnwood Rotary Club
  • First fuli year of the Lynnwood Rotary Senior Center
  • Strong participation in the Edmonds School District Career Day
  • Presented with an award from District for Retirement Center at Conference in Whistler
  • Instituted a program honoring past presidents and Lynnwood
  • Rotary history in May of 1998, under the leadership of Ben Cain
  • Hosted an exchange student from India
  • Lynnwood Rotary leadership in the Medal of Valor Award ceremony
  • Youth Challenge Awards program and Student of the Month program
  • Fund Raiser : Auction and the Golf Tournament


“Follow Your Rotary Dream”

President : Tom Saxon

President Elect : Bruce Thomson

Vice President: Tim Ryan

Secretary : Steven Sterner

Treasurer : Carolyn Hojaboom

  • First meeting was held at the Lynnwood Elks and then we moved to the Nile where we met for the next two years
  • Initiated “Presidents Corner” in the Wheeler
  • Initiated the Assistant Sergeant of Arms position
  • Initiated computerizing Club records
  • A large contingent of members and spouses attended the District Conference in Victoria, BC wearing our Lynnwood Rotary Polo shirts
  • Won the large club Community Service award from District 5030
  • Won the Rotary International Public Relations award for our Youth Challenge Award program (To put the awards in perspective there were 527 districts in RI each district could have only one nomination. There were only 80-85 such awards handed out by RI throughout the whole world of Rotary)
  • Hosted an exchange student Carlos Roig from Argentina and also sent out an exchange student that year
  • Joint Barbecue luncheon meeting with residents of our Rotary Residential Center
  • Instituted a Presidential Citation award
  • Established a Rotary Club at Edmonds Community College
  • Established administrative policies for internal controls and record retention
  • Hosted a GSE Team from South India
  • Began deliberations on the initial proposal to publish a book on the history of the Washington State Air Fair
  • Conduced a successful Career Fair in conjunction with the Edmonds School District
  • Club Service events for the year included a Club Picnic, a Christmas Party, and attending the Aqua Sox game and Retirement Center Barbecue
  • Guest speaker at the Induction of new officers for the year was Steve Pool weatherman at KOMO TV and guest speaker at the outgoing meeting with new officers was Senator Paul Shinn
  • A contingent of us met with RI President Jim Stacy when he visited Seattle
  • Fund Raiser : Auction and the Golf Tournament


The Millennium Year

“Act With: Consistency, Credibility, Continuity”

President : Bruce Thomson

President Elect : Tim Ryan

Vice President : Bob Fuller

Secretary : Steven Sterner

Treasurer : Carolyn Hojaboom

Directors: Shelley Puariea, Gavin Smith, John Tabb, Jim Morino, Steve Fritsch, Chris Sheehan

  • Multi-club dinner meeting with special guest of honor Rotary International President Carlo Ravizza
  • Fund Raiser : Sweetheart Auction and the Golf Tournament


“Create Awareness- Take Action”

Lynnwood Rotary Theme “Dare to Care” and “At Risk Kids”

President : Tim Ryan

President Elect: Bob Fuller

Vice President : Steve Bishop

Secretary : Shelly Puariea

Treasurer: Joe Rees

Directors : Debbie Cox, Gavin Smith, Stan McKenzie, Jim Morino, Monty Chaussee, Bill Morton, Tom Pearce

102 members

  • Activities included weekly birthday recognition, dress up days and Rotarian of the Month
  • Display of Event and Meeting pictures
  • Monthly calendars
  • Two tier New Member Orientation
  • Mentor students from the Sail Program
  • Fifth Thursday projects (Lynnwood Food Back food drive, Clothes for Kids, clothes and drive for Alderwood Boys and Girls Club)
  • Comeback Youth of the Month
  • Provided lunch for Middle School Anti Violence Play
  • Provided Stevens Hospital with $9,365 to build a state of the art childrens emergency room
  • Provided baseball fees for local youth and $3,000 for Neutral Zone
  • New Member Community Service Project- blood drive
  • Awarded $25,000 in Grants to 13 Organizations that deal with “At Risk Youth”
  • Members contributed $7.275 to Rl Foundation
  • Sponsored “Mission House Project” in Guatemala
  • Fund Raiser : Auction and the Golf Tournament
  • Note: Fund raising efforts included Golf Tourney $12,730, Entertainment Books $686, Auction $28,533, Dinghy $1,015 The Lynnwood Rotary Foundation Endowment funds has a balance of $136,440


“Mankind is Our Business”

President : Bob Fuller

President Elect : Steve Bishop

Vice President : Barbara Earl

Secretary : Marty Nelson

Treasurer : John Anderson

Club Administration : Stan McKenzie and Renee Johnson

International :Chuck O’Brien ; Vocational : Monty Chaussee

Community: Larry Johnson

District Governor Bob Wilson

  • Meeting place was the Martha Lake Community Center
  • More than 40 Lynnwood Rotarians and friends attended Whistler District Conference
  • 26 Rotarians attended Lorna Center two day Retreat
  • More than 90% of club participated in Highlights
  • John Anderson, Program Chair, programmed Gov. Locke, UW Golf Coach, Insurance Commissioner Mie Kridler, Canadian Counsel Roger Simmons, Diplomat Mary Kruger, Sec of State . Ralph Monro, Sheriff Reichart, UW President McCormick, Atty General Gregior, Admiral Strasser Holcome.
  • Two Firesides
  • Hands on projects included Martha Lake Community Center cleanup, Clothes for Kids Move, Rotary Residential Center walkway and planters, Rotary First Harvest and Kids without Borders
  • Chuck O’Brien started Operation World Education
  • Hosted Group Study Exchange and Exchange Students
  • High School students dramatized ethics
  • 36 members watched Mariners tie record for most games won
  • Purchased 50 Seattle Storm tickets for underprivileged youth
  • Medal of Valor Award to Mike Canady
  • Kathy O’Connor Award to Peter Dugan
  • Nine Students of the Month recognized
  • Eight Classified Employees of the Month recognized
  • Fifth Thursday program provided food for local charities
  • Four members and RI President Rick King celebrated Lynnwood founding the Kiev Club
  • Eighteen members helped Edmonds Daybreakers raise $10,000 to rebuild Latvian hospital
  • Fund Raiser : Members voted to replace auction with Hi-5 run, Golf Tournament


“Sow the Seeds of Love”

President : Steve Bishop

President Elect : Barbara Earl

Vice President: Vicki Kozuck

Secretary : Marty Nelson

Treasurer: John Anderson

  • Meeting Place is the Lake Ballinger Golf Club
  • Activities included a Rotary Trivia Game and Lynnwood Rotarians of the Month
  • Cosponsored hosting Russian educators for cultural and educational aspects of the USA
  • Steve earns a Presidential Citation from District
  • Club raised over $40,000 for Polio eradication
  • Started the planning for the Hl-5 Fun Run
  • Received donation of 20 kidney dialysis machines and began process of donating them to South America
  • Participated in Computers for the World
  • Fund Raiser : Entertainment Books and the Golf Tournament


“Lend a Hand”

President : Barbara Earl

President Elect : Steven Sterner

Vice President: Tim Grout

Secretary : Vickie Kozuck

Treasurer: Christie Harvey

  • Meeting place continues at Ballinger Lake Golf Club
  • 100 Wheelchairs for the needy were received and distributed in the community.
  • Over $1,000,000 ESL books were distributed to schools with a focus on those where English is a second language.
  • The Justice Bobbe Bridge program provided an outstanding service to the community. She pointed out the dangers of drinking and driving.
  • 50 members and guests participated in “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”
  • Hosted a student in the Russia Study Group
  • Collected 70 pairs of shoes and cash to purchase shoes for distribution to “Clothes for Kids” and collected 31 coats and 26 blankets for the homeless.
  • Conducted an Ethics Forum with an impressive panel of speakers. Charles Royer, former Seattle Mayor was moderator with panel members Lynn Brewer, Former Enron Executive, Egil Bud Krogh, former Nixon White House attorney, Margaret Larson, Former TV news anchor, Rosemary Aragon. Past Rotary District Gov, John Carlson, Radio talk show host.
  • Participated with a team that shipped $500,000 of medical supplies to orphanages in Petropalalovsk Kamchatsky Russia
  • Twenty dialyses machines were shipment to Brazil.
  • Five pallets of medicine ($62,000) shipped to Ethiopia through the Center of Disease Control.
  • 26 quality members were been added with an average attendance in the high 90%. One of the top clubs in the District
  • Rotary International awarded 80 of 529 clubs nominated to receive the 2003-2004 Recognition Membership Development Initiative. Lynnwood Rotary was one of the 80 clubs recognized. The selection was based on their innovation, sustainability, and strategic efforts to recruit and retain qualified members.
  • Club received the District 5030 membership award
  • Fund Raiser : Golf Tournament, Dinner, dance, Planed the Hi 5! Run (event August 2004)


50th Year of Lynnwood Rotary

100th Year of Rotary

“Celebrate Rotary”

Centennial President : Steven K. Sterner

President Elect: Tim Grout

Vice President : Jim Morino

Secretary : Jay Tveidt

Treasurer : Chris Harvey

  • Started by meeting at the Lake Ballinger Golf and Country Club but then moved to the Mountlake Terrace Library and ended up at the Nile Country Club
  • Centennial Project was working at the new Heritage Park in Lynnwood which included demolition of the insides of the Superintendents house and removal of the old siding and putting on the rebuilt house. Also placed the memorial bricks in the court yard
  • Club completed its 30th house project
  • Had a spectacular 50th year Birthday Celebration at the new Lynnwood Convention Center
  • Fund Raiser : 2nd Annual February Dinner/Dance Auction, Golf Tournament and the first Hi-5 Run
  • Note: Also participated in District 5030 Wine orders- a project to raise funds for Habitat for Humanities. These funds were us by Habitat for Humanities to build their 100th house to coincide with Rotary’s 100th year of service


“Service Above Self”

President : Tim Grout

President Elect: Jim Morino

Past President : Steven Sterner

Vice President: Nicola Smith

Secretary: Jay Tveidt

Treasurer: Christie Harvey

Directors: (This was the last year before switching RI by-laws)

Club Service: Ed Frye & Stephanie Pahlow

Community Service : Theresa Poalucci

International Service : Bill Morton

Vocational Service : Rudy Jones

  • District Conference in Whistler BC, 15 members attended
  • Theresa Poalucci Rotarian of the Year
  • Membership from 117 to 128 members, highest in 10 years
  • Sponsored Boys & Girls Club Carnival
  • First year Operation Warm, distributed 266 warm coats
  • First year Dictionary Project
  • First year for new club Web Site Clubrunner
  • First ever Service above Self Day, read-in at 2 apartment complexes
  • 250 Books for Chase Lake Elementary Library
  • Fund Raiser : Raised $2000 at Wine Tasting for Operation Warm. Raised $2000 for MLT family home burned down (2 boys killed); raised $2200 for Hurricane Katrina Relief in one day; Valentines Dinner Dance/ Silent Auction, 13th Annual Golf Tournament, 2nd Annual Hi 5 Run


“Lead the Way”

President : Jim Morino

President Elect : Nicola Smith

Vice President: Jay Tveidt

Secretary : Andrew Ballard

Treasurer : John Anderson I Bob Fadden

Club Administration : Stephanie Pahlow

Community Service : Theresa Poalucci

Membership : Bernie Sigler

Foundation :Tim Ryan

Public Relations- Shannon Sessions

  • Meeting place was the Nile Country Club
  • First year of operation under our new club bylaws .
  • Purchased our first defibrillator for our aging club demograph1cs
  • Made Michael Regan and honorary Rotarian for his Fallen Soldier Project.
  • Successful year for Operation Warm (Coats for k1ds)
  • Started the community flag project- Individuals purchase a flag and Boy Scouts Install
  • Fund Raiser : Valentines Day Dance and Auction, Annual Golf Tournament, and Hi 5 Run


“Rotary Shares”

President : Nicola Smith

President Elect: Jay Tveidt

Vice President : Theresa Poalucci

Secretary: Andrew Ballard

Treasurer : Bob Fadden

Service : Sue Venable

Membership : Bernie Sigler

Publicity : Barbara Earl

Club Administration : Stephanie Pahlow

Rotary Foundation : Tim Ryan

  • Meeting place Nile Golf and Country Club
  • District Conference was in Spokane
  • Strategic Planning for Vision 2020
  • Grants and Scholarships, First Harvest, Group Study Exchange, Vocational Scholarships, Rotary International, RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Academy), Guess Who is Coming to Dinner, Firesides, Casino Royal, Lake Party, Rotary Band (Kristen Thompson, Ralph Pherson, Bob McMahon, Dick Sanderson, Steve Bishop) and Theater Nights
  • Vocational school district functions including career fair, mock interviews, and senior projects.
  • Service projects such as Dictionaries, Library Building, and ESL teacher support.
  • Operation Warm, Student of the Month, Student Showcase, Santa Breakfast, Boys and Girls Club Carnival and Youth Challenge
  • 12 new members inducted
  • Lynnwood Rotarian of the Year- Stephanie Pahlow
  • District Rotarian of the Year- Andrew Ballard
  • Fund Raiser: Hi 5 Fun Run and Golf Tournament


“Make Dreams Real”

President : C. Jay Tveidt

President Elect : Theresa Poalucci

Vice President : Andrew Ballard

Secretary : Joe Fitch

Treasurer: Allison Gilham

Director Service: Sue Venable

Membership : Gunnvor Tveidt

Publicity: Jean Hales

Club Administration :Grant Dull

The Rotary Foundation : Stan McKenzie

Rotarian of the Year Gordon Barnes

  • Meeting place was the Nile Country Club
  • Andrew Ballard heads up a task force to develop a new major fund raiser that fits the mission, vision and values the Club developed for our strategic plan. the previous year.
  • The Board and Club members choose to have a rummage sale based on the successful model the Rotary Club of Bainbridge Island utilized for many years.
  • Grants and Scholarships, Rotary First Harvest, Vocational Scholarships, Student Showcase, Rotary International programs and Highlights, RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Academy)
  • Past President, Nicola Smith, heads up District 5030 outbound Group Study Exchange to India and several Club members host inbound team from India for a week.
  • Lynnwood Rotary Car Show at Edmonds Community College raises funds for Pathway’s for Women.
  • Fellowship events such as; Guess Who is Coming to Dinner, Firesides, Bruce Thomson’s Lake Party.
  • Vocational school district functions including career fair, mock interviews, and senior projects.
  • Service projects such as Dictionaries and District wide Service Above Self day. For that day Club members set up a library at an apartment complex for low income residents.
  • Operation Warm, Student of the Month, Student Showcase at Alderwood Mall, Santa Breakfast at Lynnwood Convention Center and Youth Challenge Awards.
  • Lynnwood Rotarian of the Year- Andrew Ballard
  • Fund Raiser : Last year of the Hi 5 Fun Run was previous year so 2008-09 was a transition year between Hi 5 Fun Run and Lynnwood Rotary Rummage Sale, Golf Tournament


“The Future of Rotary is in Your Hands”

President : Theresa Poalucci

President Elect: Andrew Ballard

Vice President: Sue Venable

Secretary : Joe Fitch

Treasurer: Allison Gilham and Jody Westfall

Club Administration : Kim Bourke

Service: Kerry Ayers and Lisa Gallucci

Membership: Gunnvor Tveidt

Public Relations: Kristin Thompson and Nicola Smith

Rotary Foundation : Stan McKenzie

LRCF President : Travis Snider

  • Meeting place was the Nile Country Club
  • Service projects include Operation Warm and Ready, Boys and Girls Club Carnival, Student Showcase, Dictionary Project, Service Above Self Day (cleaned up a section of the Interurban Trail), Santa Breakfast.
  • Group Study Exchange sponsorship with Bolivia
  • Started After-Hours social get togethers at various locations, as well as two Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner and Firesides
  • International project in Nepal. Lynnwood Club joins with District 5050 to help fund a much needed ambulance for a Rotary World Community Service hospital project of purchasing an ambulance.
  • Musical groups A Moment in Time and Tiller’s Folley entertained
  • Boy Scout Troop 304 is given the Flag Project and takes it over for the first year. The Scout Master also visits the club and gives an update as it is the 100th year for scouting.
  • Club celebrates its 55th year
  • Fund Raiser : First year of Rummage Sale, Pennies for Polio and Golf Tournament

A work in progress

A big thank you goes to Nicola Smith, who was instrumental in collecting the information in this booklet. We are hoping that as you look through it, you can help us fill in the blanks. Once we
have had an opportunity to hear back from those we have reached out to, and from our own club members, we will publish this information on Further, I would ask all future Lynnwood Rotary Presidents to keep this history up to date by making it a tradition at the end of their year to add their own highlights, board information, etc. I hope you have enjoyed looking back. For me it was both enjoyable and educational. Lynnwood Rotary can do just about anything it puts its collective mind to … and the proof is in these pages.

Theresa Poalucci

President Andrew Ballard
President Elect, Stan McKenzie
Vice President, Jeffery Goodwin
Secretary, Don Andrews
Treasurer, Dan Gualtieri
Past President, Theresa Poalucci
Directors, Club Administration-Kim Bourke, Club Membership-Barbara Earl, Program
Services-Lisa Gallucci, Public Relations-Nicola Smith, Rotary Foundation-Vickie
Meeting Place: Volunteers of America Learning Center (Martha Lake)

  • Two Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner events, three Club Assemblies, four Fifth Thursdays,
  • Rotarians at Work Day-Pathways for Women, Boy Scouts Eagle Ceremony,
  • Charted Cub Pack 304, Youth Challenge Awards Celebration, Aqua Sox Fellowship Night,
  • Summer Bar-BO Picnic, Grant for two Dialysis Machines in India,
  • Group Study Exchange with India, Open World Project with Russia, Rotary Sort Letter Carrier Food Drive,
  • Rotarians of the Month Awards, Kathy O’Conner Volunteer of the Year, Gates Grant for Housing Hope,
  • Students of the Month, Construction Scholarships for EDCC students, Boys and Girls Club Pizza Party,
  • Vocational Scholarship Awards (high school students), Raised money for Pakistan Flooding Recovery Fund,
  • Edmonds Community Foundation, and for the victims of Joplin MO tornado, and the Tohoku Earthquake/tsunami,
  • Awarded a grant to Women of Wisdom and Alderwood Boys & Girls Club, Operation Warm & Ready (Clothing for Kids),
  • Holiday Social Event at Merrill Gardens, Holiday Culinary Program at EDCC, Dickenson Carolers Program, Awarded
  • Presidential Citation with Distinction because our Club is awesome!
  • Fund raisers: Golf Tournament, Happy Bucks, Rummage Sale, Pennies for Polio, Rotary Foundation, Fifth Thursday’s totaling about $41,000

Our most memorable accomplishments for 2011-12,
Stan McKenzie, President
RI Theme; “Reach Within to Embrace HumanityH
Stan’s Theme: “Remember You are the Magic, Go out there and make it Fun!”
President: Stan McKenzie
President Elect: Jeffecy Goodwin
Vice President: Sue Venable
Secretary: Lalo Espinosa /Matt Hoffman
Treasurer: Dan Gualtieri
PastPresident: Andrew Ballard
Directors: Club Administration-Kim Bourke, Club Membership-Barbara Earl,
Service Projects- Lisa Gallucci/ Kim Eslelson, Public Relations-Jim Dougherty,
RI Foundation-Vickie Kozuck.
Meeting Place: Edmonds Community College, Woodway #202
District Governor: Ann Liberato
RI International President: Kalyan Banerjee
Club Accomplishments

  • Developed a sustainable $20,000 grant for the Edmonds School
  • District to create a pre Kindergarten learning program. It enables children to  become kindergarten-ready and makes a smooth transition from pre-kindergarten through third grade.
  • In process of completing our 37th student built home, in as many years.
  • Our Lynnwood Rotacy Community Foundation has raised just under $1 million and a developed a sustainable annual $40,000 scholarship in which we will track and financially help the students through graduation. In turn they will help us with our certain fundraising projects.
  • Our new Wounded Veterans project will work to re-enter veterans and their families into civilian life through mentoring and support of service dog programs.
  • Another successful rummage sale that netted $8,000 and we had a great time.
  • Initiated a committee for speakers that has increased the interest and decreased the challenge that some members felt we were having with too many one sided political programs.
  • Dedicated two kidney dialysis machines to Kattappana India. A district enhanced project started 2 years earlier by Past President Nicola Smith and the International Committee.
  • We allocated $2,000 to the Nepal Toilet project with the District! Toilets for girls to use so that they can attend school.
  • Continued Power point interactive meetings that keep them interesting and enhances the communication with “Visuals”.
  • Created a Joint operating Agreement between LRC and LRCF.
  • Two Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner events.
  • Two Club Assemblies.
  • Four Fifth Thursdays
  • Continued to sponsor Boy Scouts, one Eagle Ceremony. Cub Pack 304
  • Youth Challenge Awards Celebration
  • Rotary Sort Letter Carrier Food Drive.
  • Presented the final Kathy O’Conner Volunteer of the Year, at her parents’ request.
  • Students of the Month
  • Construction Scholarships for EDCC students.
  • Boys and Girls Club Pizza Party.
  • Vocational Scholarship Awards (high school students).
  • Donated to the Edmonds Community Foundation~
  • Awarded a grant to Women of Wisdom and Alderwood Boys & Girls Club.
  • Operation Warm & Ready (Clothing for Kids).
  • Another successful golf tournament netting over $16,000.
  • Initiated a committee and focus group to sponsor a Rotary Club.
  • At the very last moment in June we made it to “Every Rotarian Every Year” which qualified us for the new matching fund grants.
  • Our club won the Rl Zone 25 and District 5030Literacy Award 2011-12 for our pre-K and vocational projects.
  • Our club won the Rotary International, President Kalyan Baneerjee’s 2011-12 Changemaker Award.
  • Most important, we went out there, made the magic happen, made a difference, and had fun! YIR, Stan

2012 / 2013 Rotary Year


2012 – 2013 Club Officers

President – Jeffrey Goodwin
Past President – Stan McKenzie
President Elect – Sue Venable
Vice President – Debbie Bodal
Secretary – Matt Hoffmann
Treasurer –Dan Gualtieri


2012 – 2013 Club Directors

Community Service – Kim Eskelson / Allison Gilham
International Service – Nicola Smith
New Generations – Shilo Lockett
Membership – Shannon Sessions
Public Image – Casey Auve’
RI Foundation – Vickie Kozuck


Rotary International Theme – Peace Through Service
Club President’s Theme – Stewardship



Successful Rummage Sale
Successful Golf Tournament
Achieved Presidential Citation
Planned a service project to Haiti
Updated our Bylaws
Initiated Peace Through Service Award
Engaging Weekly Speakers
Programs at Rotary Center Apartments
Established a Rotaract Club
Re-Established a Club Scholarship Committee
Youth Challenge Awards
Made EREY with average of $100 per member
Completed House # 38
Transitioning the House Project
Cleaned up Lynndale Park
Cleaned up Veterans Park
Supported a Health Fair
Volunteered at a community-wide Fun Run
Represented at District Conference
District 5030 Grant Qualified
Welcomed New Members
Lost Some Friends


Supported the following:

Lynnwood Rotary House Project
International Projects – Haiti
Alderwood Boys and Girls Club
Rotary First Harvest
Annie’s Kitchen
EdCC Veterans Club
Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts
Edmonds Branch of AAUW
Clothes for Kids
Operation Warm
Housing Hope
Lynnwood Food Bank
Edmonds Community College
Hurricane Sandy Support
Edmonds School District
Sandy Hook Elementary
Early Childhood Education
Heroes for the Homeless
Everett Mountain Rescue
Bottomless Backpacks
Volunteers of America
College Scholarships
Step By Step
Western Washington VOA


Special Recognition

Dee Setting
Pam LeMay – Club Service
Bob Fuller – Programs
Jim Sinclair – Sgt. at Arms